MetalsSymbolStandard Contact Size (1 lot)Price QuoteTick SizeMargin*Min Trade Size (lots)Max Trade Size (lots)Trading hours Monday/Friday Dubai time*
Gold/US DollarDG32 troy ounces0.10$3.20$2,000120007:00-23:55
Spot Gold/US DollarDGSG32 troy ounces0.10$3.20$2,000120007:00-20:00
India Gold/US DollarDIG11.00$1$1,650120007:00-23:55
Silver/US DollarDS1,000 troy ounces0.005$5$1,600120007:00-23:55
Copper/US DollarDCU5 metric tonnes0.50$2.50$2,500120007:00-23:55

A. The above contract specifications can also be found under the 'Specification' in the MarketWatch on the MT5 platform.

B. Spreads can widen during overnight hours.

*Margins are specified by Dubai Gold & Commodities Exchange and are subject to change.

Please note that liquidity and spreads can change due to market conditions. The information in this table is correct at the time of publication, we reserve the right to change its contents at any time. For up to date information please refer to the trading platform or call the support desk.

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